Dionne Charlet Poetry Reading

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Dionne Charlet, one of the contributing poets to New Orleans By Gaslight, will be giving a reading Saturday the 17th at 7 p.m. at the Barnes and Noble at 3414 Highway 190 Suite 10, Premier Center II, in Mandeville, Louisiana as part of the Celebration of Words put on by the Northshore Literary Society. Congratulations to Dionne and success to her in all her endeavors!



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It’s a pretty exciting time to be a steampunk here in New Orleans.

Just ordered another batch of the anthology books and so I’ll be able to send out the contributor copies as soon as they arrive. I’ll be sending out review copies to local bookstores and newspapers as well.

Gary Bourgeois, author of the steampunk short story “Kilkarney’s Map” is writing a sequel entitled “Carlotta’s Ring.” I’ve had the pleasure of reading the first part of the story and let me say that so far it’s an excellent read.

The Confabulation of Gentry is holding a jazz funeral for the mad scientist Dr. Milo T. Pinkerton III, Saturday, August 3rd, at Siberia 2227 St. Claude Ave., New Orleans, Louisiana. (Let’s hope this time he stays dead, right folks?)


The Heist of the Century is Friday, August 2nd at 8 pm. It’s a musical event involving the Marquis of Vaudeville and no less than three steampunk bands traveling cross country by train. Friday August 2nd is when they’re playing in New Orleans, the Steampunk Capitol of the South! It’s at the Prytania Bar 3445 Prytania Street in New Orleans, Louisiana.


If you’d like a little taste of what you can expect, try the following links:





That’s all that’s going on in New Orleans at the moment. (That’s enough, eh?)

See you among the clouds, steampunks!


Proof and Mobicon

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I’m holding the Proof copy of the anthology and it is gorgeous! Just need to make a few minor changes and it will be ready for publication.

Speaking of which, we’ll be bringing the first paper copies with us (although you’ll still be able to acquire copies via Amazon.com) to Mobicon in Mobile, Alabama on May 17-19, 2013. David Ducorbier and I will be giving a panel on the Aesthetics of Steampunk on Saturday, May 18th, at the convention, so if you’re in the area, come down and see us!





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Back from CoastCon XXXVI! The latest on the anthology is that the contributors have been chosen and notified and will soon receive a contract to sign permitting their work to be printed in the anthology. If you haven’t received notification that your submission has been included by today’s date, your work was not selected for inclusion in the anthology.

Congratulations to those authors whose work was selected and my profound thanks to all those who submitted!

I’ll keep you posted.




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I know many of you are eager to know where we are with this process and so I thought to update you. I’ve received the reviews and assessments of half the readers and hope to have those of the other half very soon now. So it’s my hope that we’ll be able to make our decision as to who will and who won’t be included in the anthology very soon.

I had hopes of having books printed and available for sale at CoastCon in March but it doesn’t appear that that’s going to be the case. I do believe we will certainly be able to have them on hand and ready for sale at Mobicon in May.



One week to deadline!

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Only one week left before the deadline. October 31st, 2012 is almost here!

This will be the first locally produced steampunk anthology in New Orleans’ history. If you want to be a part of that, you need to send in your submission before November 1st!

New Orleans By Gaslight ecard

Check out our facebook page while you’re at it! Every like helps!



Two weeks out…

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It’s October 17th and we’re two weeks out from the deadline for submissions. I have to say that I’m really excited! We’ve already received some great submissions and I’m looking forward to seeing what shows up in the inbox between now and the 31st.

What else can I tell you? Keep those pens flowing–keep those keyboards going! Let’s make this the best anthology about New Orleans that’s ever been! Let’s make it the best steampunk anthology that’s ever been!

Oh. I do have one thing more to say. Trust yourself. We’ve given you the freedom to tell your story the way you feel you best need to. Make use of it. Don’t hold back. Push the envelope. Try new things. Tell the stories other editors said no one would dare to print. Go places other editors wouldn’t dare to let you go. We can handle it. Send us your very best.