Two weeks out…

It’s October 17th and we’re two weeks out from the deadline for submissions. I have to say that I’m really excited! We’ve already received some great submissions and I’m looking forward to seeing what shows up in the inbox between now and the 31st.

What else can I tell you? Keep those pens flowing–keep those keyboards going! Let’s make this the best anthology about New Orleans that’s ever been! Let’s make it the best steampunk anthology that’s ever been!

Oh. I do have one thing more to say. Trust yourself. We’ve given you the freedom to tell your story the way you feel you best need to. Make use of it. Don’t hold back. Push the envelope. Try new things. Tell the stories other editors said no one would dare to print. Go places other editors wouldn’t dare to let you go. We can handle it. Send us your very best.




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